5 words to describe us...
Hospitality - Experience - Refinement - Creativity - Aromas

Hospitality, because my focus is to pamper my guests, provide them with all the services they need for a great stay and to guarantee the maximum comfort at a fair price;

Experience, this is the result of my job in one of the most important 5 stars hotel of Rome, the city where I was born and where I worked for Years;

Refinement, because nothing is left to chance, everything has been done to assure the utmost in comfort, privacy and relaxation, without leaving out any detail. The white's elegance reigns everywhere with some splashes of colour;

Creativity, it is my best talent and it shines through in furniture and home decoration: vintage furniture to add romance and elegance to the rooms , silk flowers to give a coloured shade to the light of an old chandelier, rich clothes to frame the bed of a retro atmosphere...the best thing is that creativity means dynamism and every day there will be something new...

Aromas, those of the perfume fragrances that fill the rooms, those of flowers that are my passion and there are always in my home, the aromas of cakes and coffee served at breakfast and the 1000 aromas of tea to taste all day long.

Raffaella Giansanti

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